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Cognitive Supply Chain Services For Agriculture And Allied Sector

Our Services and Support for Stakeholders of Agriculture and Allied Sector.

Farmers Benificiary

Using Agriputhra the Intermediaters are reduced so that farmers can fix the price of their own products and sell it to the customers.

Consumer Rating

The products are sticked with QR Code.The QR Code is Loaded with the details of the product, so that the consumer can provide Star rating to the farmer who made the product.

Agri Machinery

Agriculture machinery owners are get registered in Agriputhra so that farmers can know about the nearby machinery equipments requied for farming.


The Suppliers and exporters are get registered in Agriputhra so that they can know about the products and demands in specific area.


The features of Agriputhra

Integrated farming system
Agri land lease
Fixed price
QR Code Packing
Secured Transportation
Less Intermediators
Direct Supply to consumers
Star rating